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Greenville students analyze solar panels a year after installation

Greenville students analyze solar panels a year after installation

By Kelli Ameling-Staff Writer
From The Daily News

GREENVILLE - A high school class at Greenville Public Schools (GPS) is gathering information generated by the school's solar panels to help prepare for the future.

Brian Sullivan, a biology and natural resources teacher at the high school, took his sixth-hour students on the roof to analyze how the solar panels work.

The panels, manufactured by United Solar Ovonic, were installed as part of the GreenERville project in October of last year.

Sullivan said the students were able to see what the panels looked like, how the panels worked and where the energy went.

Serena Reamer said she was surprised when they...


Belding Parks and Recreation Plan

Belding Parks and Recreation Plan

From: http://www.ci.belding.mi.us

The Recreation Advisory Board and the City of Belding have initiated a process to update the Parks and Recreation 5-Year Plan. Please join us for a community forum on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. at the Belrockton to participate in the process. For more information, please click here to read the Belding Bugle.

Deadliest month for drivers

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) - With deer mating season, November is the deadliest month for drivers.

Hunter, Donald Dykstra says, "We don't see very many deer in the woods but we see a lot when we're driving. I was coming home last night and I had one run out in front of me."

The government says every year deer kill nearly 200 American's, cause 10,000 injuries, and cost drivers one billion in damages.

Locally Kent County responds to about 1,900 deer crashes, the most of any county. Both Allegan and Ottawa Counties respond to 1,000 crashes.

Hunters say beyond sport, deer hunting keeps deer on dinner plates instead of car hoods.

Dykstra says, "You just brace for the impact, but luckily she kept going and I didn't hit her."

It's one time this hunter is happy he missed his target. 

Northview 40, Greenville 28

PLAINFIELD TWP (WZZM) -- Greenville Yellow Jackets (4-4) at Northview Wildcats (4-4).

Northview with the victory tonight over Greenville 40-28.

FRDC to perform Nutcracker Suite

FRDC to perform Nutcracker Suite

The Flat River Dance Company announces its next production to be "The Nutcracker Suite & Sweet Dreams".

The Nutcracker Suite will follow the traditional ballet performances with all the Ballet classes participating.  Joseph Curry, co-owner and Dance Instructor for the Flat River Dance Company says, "We took over the school in 2008 and the Nutcracker was our first dance performance.  We wanted to return to the classic just in time for the holiday season, but in a different way."  FRDC is also pleased to announced its two professional male dancers that will be joining our cast of the Nutcracker, Martin Skocelas & Charlie Clark of GVSU.

"Ghosts of Greenville" at Greenville High School

"Ghosts of Greenville" at Greenville High School

Thursday, October 27, 7:00pm, HS Auditorium

Local resident Keith Hudon takes you on a Haunted History trip through Greenville.  Learn about local legends of Haunted Houses that might be just down the street. Start your Halloween weekend off by discovering "The Ghosts of Greenville."  Tickets are $5 and are available at the door.

Visit http://www.greenville.k12.mi.us for additional information.

Belding High School Parent-Teacher Conferences

Belding High School Parent-Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, October 19th, 5:30-8:00 PM  
Thursday, October 20th, 4:00-6:00 PM  

Parents and guardians are cordially invited and encouraged to discuss your child's educational progress with his/her teachers during our Parent-Teacher Conferences. A modified version of your child's report card will  be available when you arrive. High school administrators and guidance counselors will also be available to address any concerns you may have. Teachers will be located in the gymnasium.

Feel free to phone or visit any time during the year when you have a question regarding progress, behavior, or attendance of your child that cannot be answered during the conference.

Visit http://www.bas-k12.org for additional information.