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New Daily News website goes live

New Daily News website goes live

By Darrin Clark
From The Daily News

If you are a regular visitor to our website — www.thedailynews.cc — you’re going to notice a difference today.
A huge difference.

If you haven’t visited our site much in the past, this holiday weekend would be a great time to check it out as the tryptophan takes over and one football game runs into the next.

Today marks the unveiling of a completely new online experience for The Daily News.

Restaurant offers free Thanksgiving meal

Greenville (WZZM)--  The Halfway Restaurant on M-57 is opening its doors to anyone wanting a Thanksgiving meal.  The Greenville restaurant offers a full Thanksgiving meal from 11:00am to 3:00pm on Thanksgiving.

The owners say they do it to help the community, for those who can't afford a meal, or for anyone who just doesn't have a place to go on Thanksgiving.

The owners provide the meal, but they are accepting donations and non-perishable goods.  All the proceeds will go toward local food pantries, but a donation is not required to enjoy the meal.













Take the GPS Satisfaction Survey!

Take the GPS Satisfaction Survey!

From: http://www.greenville.k12.mi.us

Greenville Public Schools is very interested in YOUR feedback about your experience with our school community.  Click on the following link to take a one-minute, anonymous survey.


Thank you and have a great day!

Christmas in Greenville

Christmas in Greenville

The City of Greenville has released a detailed flyer that includes just about everything there is to do throughout the 2012 holiday season. See the flyer above or Click Here to see a larger version.

Carson City hunters film kills for national television show

Carson City hunters film kills for national television show

By Jessica Dudenhofer

From The Daily News

With the arrival of crisp fall days and the occasional snowfall, many local residents are eager to get out hunting.

While many hunters would be satisfied to see something worth shooting, four Carson City men enjoy the thrill of the shoot - on film.

Mark Brown, Adam Eller, Gabe Stanley and Mike Swagart are hunters and videographers for "No Limits Outdoors" - a television show that features videos of average hunters pursuing deer, bear, turkeys and other wild game.

The four Carson City men comprise the Michigan team for the nationally broadcast weekly show on the Sporting Channel.

Man shot at Greenville motel early Saturday morning

GREENVILLE, Mich. (Greenville Daily News) - One man has been shot multiple times at the Flat River Inn in Greenville and the suspect remains on the loose.

Several people called Montcalm County Central Dispatch around 12:25 a.m. Saturday after hearing shots fired in a room at the motel, located on Hillcrest Street just north of Washington Street (M-57).

Greenville Public Safety Sgt. Gary Valentine said a 24-year-old man was hit multiple times. Police are not releasing his name or condition.

Valentine said the alleged shooter has left the scene. He is are not sure of the suspect's description or whereabouts.

"The investigation is still in its preliminary stages," Valentine said.

A search around the area is under way using K9 teams and night vision gear from the Montcalm County Sheriff's Office.