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My Town: How to bridge the summer learning loss gap | Families

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My Town: How to bridge the summer learning loss gap
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My Town: How to bridge the summer learning loss gap

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (National Heritage Academies)—Every child will lose a portion of the academic growth they experienced this school year during the summer break; It’s called summer learning loss. The problem is becoming so apparent the National Summer Learning Association has designated Friday, June 20, Summer Learning Day.

“It is so easy for students to slip into a summertime routine that doesn’t involve reading, writing, or using their math skills,” said Ridge Park Charter Academy Principal Emory Wyckoff. “We are challenging our students to set aside time each day to devote to a book or write about a summer experience they have enjoyed. Summer should be fun and educational.”

Wyckoff has some tips to help parents curb the summer slide:

  • Writing, Writing, Writing.  Ask your child to keep a summer journal about their activities to maintain writing skills.
  • Mix in Math. Try to find ways to incorporate math into your child’s activities every day. Let them add up the grocery bill or keep track of plant growth in the yard.
  • Create Your Own Reward System.  Children love to receive rewards for a job well done. Set up a reward system with your child such as 15 minutes of extra play time when they finish reading a new book.
  • Library Mailing List. Get on your local library’s mailing list for calendar reminders about free reading events and educational activities all summer long.
  •  Talk to Your Child’s Teacher.  Ask your child’s teacher about skills that will be worked on the following year so you can start to practice at home. Also, see what type of summer learning opportunities the school will hold.

Ridge Park provides summer school classes to students who are in need of extra assistance. It also sends out a summer bridge activity book so students can work on grade-level fundamentals over the summer months. The school is also on a balanced calendar to reduce summer learning loss, which means students are only on summer break for six weeks.

Ridge Park Charter Academy is a free public charter school serving students in grades kindergarten through eighth.

Families, Schools