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Jellyfish spotted in Greenville area lake | News

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Jellyfish spotted in Greenville area lake

GREENVILLE, Mich. (Greenville Daily News) - Two Greenville residents recently caught a glimpse of nature that is not seen very often, maybe once every 15 years, according to a Michigan Department of Natural Resources official.

Alec, 14, and Trenton Martinez, 13, of Greenville were spending some time on Como Lake in Greenville when they stumbled upon craspedacusta sowerbii, also known as freshwater jellyfish.

"We were fishing with our stepdad in a canoe when we saw a swarm of them near the surface of the water," Alec Martinez told the Greenville Daily News.

He described them as being clear-colored and about the size of quarter. "They didn't bother us at all," he said. They put four of the creatures in a jar to take a photo and show the rest of the family, then released them back into the lake. "(We) just thought they were kind of cool," Alec Martinez said.