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Don't Forget Our Trees!

From: http://www.greenvillemi.org

You may have recently noticed the green “gator bags” attached to some of the small trees in the street rights-of-way throughout the City. The bags have been placed on our young trees by the City of Greenville Public Services Department to provide water to these vulnerable members of our urban forest. You can join with the City of Greenville to do your part in helping our trees make it through this extremely dry weather. When you water your lawns, and other plants, don’t forget that tree(s) out in your front yard by the street. It needs water too! If we all pitch in with a little extra effort (and water), we can help to maintain one of Greenville’s many natural assets.  Thanks for your help!

Mike Chesher
City of Greenville
Public Services Director/Water Superintendent

Please Water Your Street Trees

Please Water Your Street Trees

From: http://www.ci.belding.mi.us/

The hot, dry weather conditions of the past few weeks have been very stressful to the trees throughout the community. The City of Belding is asking residents and businesses to help by watering the street trees in front of their residences, which are the trees between the road and the sidewalk or immediately next to the street where there is no curb.

Because our community trees provide us with many economic, environmental, social and aesthetic benefits, it is VERY important to keep them healthy. For several years we have been recognized as a "Tree City USA" for the care and emphasis we have placed on street trees. Below are some tips for watering street trees. Thank you very much for your help.

Tree Watering Survival Guide